Plastic pipe types produced using PVC raw material are used quite a lot. These pipes are called PVC pipe . They are quality products produced in TS EN ISO 1452 - 2 and ISO 9001: 2015 standards. Products can have different diameters and lengths. Depending on the area of use and need, special production can be provided.

What are the Size Standards of PVC Pipes?

Pipes are produced with both glued and plug-in belling. PVC pipe diameters can vary between Ø 32 - 250 mm. At the same time, the lengths are usually up to 6 metres. With the rated pressure level, it can be at a level to withstand PN 6, 10 and 16 pressure levels. Production in these general sizes is provided by the plastic pipe manufacturer.

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Which Properties Do PVC Pipes Have?

The risk of cracking and fracture of the pipes is quite small. So it can be shown as durable products. PVC pipe varieties are suitable for use for many years. It is resistant to conditions such as internal pipe corrosion or underground external corrosion. It is offered for use in many areas by plastic pipe manufacturers.

What are the Benefits?

There are many benefits provided by plastic pipes. Firstly, it can be installed extremely easily in the area where it will be used. at the same time, it prevents damage by showing high flexing in case of excessive load. PVC pipe models never change the taste or odour of water. There is no reaction with water.

In Which Areas Is It Used?

The area of use is extremely wide. They are suitable pipes for underground and above ground pressurised water transport systems. It can also be preferred for laying cable and network systems. They are reliable products for chemical plants. It is also offered to industrial facilities by the plastic pipe factory. It is both high quality and cost effective for irrigation systems.

pvc boruHow Much Are PVC Pipe Fees?

Plastic pipes can be said to be comprehensive products. In this direction, PVC pipe varieties with different size and pressure resistance can be used. What comes to the fore at this point is the size and pressure characteristics of the pipe needed. Different prices can be offered by plastic pipe factories according to the specified factors.