Since our launch in 1999, our vision and focus has been to provide high value projects for our customers with the importance given to agricultural irrigation systems.

We started Yasir Plastik with a single focus: while working with customer orientation, we continued our work by following it closely. 

With the confidence gained as a result of product quality and customer satisfaction, the company decided to increase its capacity and moved to a new factory with a total area of 36000 M2, of which 10000 M2 is closed, as of 2016.

  • PVC Pressurised Clean Water Pipe
  • Low Density Polyethylene, (AYPE) Agricultural Irrigation Pipe,
  • Deep Well Drill Pipe,
  • High Density Polyethylene, (HDPE 100) Pipe,
  • Latching Sprinkler Pipe

Without compromising its innovative character in the sector, it started to produce Corrugated Pipes as a new product in 2018 and has successfully produced corrugated pipes in different diameters from 100 mm to 1000 mm.


Our Mission

  • To provide high value-added, innovative and reliable products and solutions to domestic and foreign customers in the manufacturing of clean water pipes, waste water pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes and fittings.
  • To achieve its goals by realising firsts in the sector and increasing brand awareness.
  • To be a sought-after and trusted company in the plastic pipe manufacturing sector,
  • To provide a positive working environment by prioritising the motivation, satisfaction and continuous development of our employees, who are the most important element of the production process.

Our Vision

  • To be a preferred company with innovative, high quality products manufactured in the national and international market,
  • Today, when the importance of human health is understood, to protect human health by providing healthy access to water,
  • To prevent environmental pollution by prioritising sensitivity towards the environment and society and to provide social benefits for public benefit
  • To be the leader of innovations in the sector with our superior quality products and services
  • Carrying confidence in the future and your health

Our Quality Policy

  • To place quality awareness in our products and services,
  • To make quality, trust and satisfaction effective in every field,
  • To produce effective and permanent solutions to suggestions and demands by prioritising customer satisfaction,
  • To closely follow the technological and sociological developments in the sector and in the world, to determine the needs in advance and to take action.
  • To ensure national and international quality standards at every stage of production
  • To develop for change, to increase trainings for development, to raise awareness among employees,
  • To ensure the formation of a corporate culture with our management, employees and customer portfolio,
  • To ensure that the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels,
  • Giving the necessary importance to innovation.


We aim to continuously improve with a resource and waste management system that will prevent environmental risks by applying the requirements of TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard.

Occupational Health and

We disseminate occupational health and safety culture by providing employees with General Occupational Health and Safety trainings as well as Vocational Trainings.

Transparency and

We maintain the reliability of our organisation by protecting the transparency, confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our assets based on our business processes.