PE 40 pipes are a type of product among plastic pipe models. It is produced in TS EN 12201 - 2 + A1 standards accepted as international standards. The reason why it is called PE 40 pipe is that it is produced using PE 40 raw material. In general, it is a product that stands out with its high quality pipe types.

Why PE 40 Pipes are Used?

They are products generally used for the transport of water. These pipes produced by the plastic pipe manufacturer are used to transport or transfer water from one area to another area. At the same time, PE 40 pipe types can be preferred for the transport of foodstuffs or chemicals and similar things.

pe40 boru cesitleri

In Which Areas Is It Used?

Its area of use is extremely wide. It can be used in all kinds of irrigation systems and underground / above ground water networks. It can be produced in different sizes by plastic pipe manufacturers and used in areas such as fire water systems, drinking water transport, chemical and food transport. These are the general usage areas of PE 40 pipe types.

What are the Characteristics?

PE 40 pipe models have many different features. First of all, they are products that are resistant to impacts. In addition to these, the high coefficient of flexibility is also an important feature. It can be easily mounted and used in a practical way in the field of use. They are pipes that can be produced in different sizes by the plastic pipe factory according to user needs.

Advantages of PE 40 Pipes

Kopma uzaması genel olarak %600’den daha fazla oluyor. Yani PE 40 boru modelleri yüksek esneme kabiliyeti ile öne çıkar. Suların hareketinden etkilenmez. Genellikle montaj firesine ihtiyaç olmadan monte edilir. Suda koku ve tat gibi unsurların değişmesine neden olmaz. Kullanım ömrü fazlasıyla uzundur ve yıllarca yüksek performans ile kullanılabilir.

How Much Are PE 40 Pipe Prices?

It can be said that pipe costs are generally favourable. There may be different diameter and size requirements according to customer needs and area of use. At this stage, pipes are produced in different sizes by plastic pipe factories. Prices vary depending on the size of the pipe required. For this reason, a quotation should be obtained with the pipe order.