PE 100 pipe , which is produced using polyethylene raw materials with different densities, is among the frequently used pipe types today. Production is made in accordance with international standards TSE 12201 - 2 + A1 and ISO 9001: 2015. The raw materials used in pipes fall into the category of high density polyethylene. However, this density can vary. Thanks to their properties, they stand out as pipes that can be used for a long time with high efficiency.

Where are PE 100 Pipe Models Used?

The usage area of PE 100 pipes is extremely wide. It is also widely preferred thanks to its suitability for use in many different areas. Sea discharge systems, drinking water networks, general water networks, pharmaceutical industry, various cabling systems, fire water systems, cooling systems, waste water pumping lines and many similar areas PE 100 pipe are used. These products are offered for use by the plastic pipe manufacturer.

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What Features Do PE 100 Pipe Types Have?

PE 100 pipe varieties are durable and have a long service life. It also stands out with its efficiency. If it is in coil form, it is made up to 20-125 mm diameter and 100m length. In larger diameters, 125-450mm and 12-13.5m length plastic pipes are produced.

Why use it?

Pipes have many uses. It is generally used by plastic pipe manufacturers to transport water and similar things and to establish channels for this purpose. PE 100 pipe models are suitable for use in many different areas with their features.

What are the Advantages of Using?

It has a flexible structure. It can be used for many years with its durable structure. The products produced by the plastic pipe factory are resistant to both chemicals and UV rays. It does not smell or change the taste of water. It also does not cause bacterial growth.

Prices of PE 100 Pipes

Prices vary according to the diameter of the pipe to be preferred. At the same time, the length of production by plastic pipe factories is also a factor affecting prices. PE 100 pipe models have affordable costs despite all the features and advantages it has. Price offers can be obtained according to the product needed.