Corrugated pipe models are produced as double layered. Production is made in TS EN 13476 - 3 standards. Since it is produced using high density polyethylene, it is called HDPE corrugated pipe . Diameters may vary. It also has different options in terms of length. The outer colour of these pipes is between grey-black, while the inner surface is blue or yellow.

What are the Dimensions of HDPE Corrugated Pipes?

Depending on the area of use and customer needs, plastic pipes can be produced in different sizes. The diameters of HDPE corrugated pipe models generally vary between Ø 150 - 1000 mm. At the same time, their lengths are generally determined as SN 4 / SN 8 in 6m and so on.

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What are the Properties of Pipes?

Pipes have many different properties. Firstly, it has a flexible structure. Different sizes can be produced by the plastic pipe manufacturer. HDPE corrugated pipe models can be easily installed and provide high performance and efficiency during use. It is resistant to abrasion and has a high level of durability in general.

How is Using Pipes Advantageous?

The service life is up to 50 years. Minimal wastage may occur during application. In case of sudden loading, there are no problems such as breakage in HDPE corrugated pipe models. It is offered by plastic pipe manufacturers at affordable costs. In earthquake, earth movement and similar situations, there is no problem in the system and it continues to be used.

Common Areas of Use

HDPE corrugated pipe models are widely used in many areas. First of all, domestic, urban waste water and sewage water removal lines are frequently preferred. It is also used in drainage waters, rain and snow waters, industrial waste water transport systems. It is also used in the transport of chemical wastes. Pipes offered by plastic pipe factories can also be used for communication or energy cable protection systems.

Corrugated Pipe Prices

Prices vary depending on various factors. Generally, in addition to the plastic pipe factory price policy, the diameter and length of the pipes affect the wages. In other words, different price offers are offered depending on the pipe needed.