Boreholes are drilled to use or utilise groundwater. In these wells, PVC drill pipes can be used. Today, the use of this type of pipes has increased considerably in drilling applications. Plastic pipes are often preferred in the drilling process instead of steel pipes due to their efficiency and economic cost.

What are the Properties of PVC Drill Pipes?

There are different types of pipes. In this direction, two different models of pipes are produced by the plastic pipe manufacturer. According to the area of use and need, suitable PVC drill pipes are preferred. The models offered for use are divided into closed drill pipes and filtered drill pipes. They are also known as straight and filtered.

pvc sondaj borulari

What are the Types of PVC Drill Pipes?

Boruların farklı çeşitleri vardır. Bu doğrultuda plastik boru üreticisi tarafından iki farklı modelde boru üretimi gerçekleştirilir. Kullanım alanına ve ihtiyaca göre uygun olan PVC sondaj boruları tercih edilir. Kullanıma sunulan modeller kapalı sondaj boruları ve filtreli sondaj boruları olarak ayrılır. Aynı zamanda düz ve süzgeçli şeklinde de bilinirler.

Closed (Straight) PVC Drill Pipes

It is frequently used in weak wells with cracks in order to increase the strength of the well. It is also used to prevent foreign substances from entering the well. It is placed in certain quantities and at certain intervals. These pipes offered by plastic pipe manufacturers are products used from the bottom of the well to the surface.

PVC Drill Pipes with Filter (Strainer)

It is widely used in wells with cracks and gaps and mud leakage. Water inlet channels are controlled by placing them with certain quantities and intervals. These products produced by the plastic pipe factory are used opposite to the aqueous levels. Filtered (filtered) PVC drilling pipes generally have these features.

pvc sondaj borulari4Advantages of Using PVC Drill Pipe

They are pipes that can be easily applied and mounted in the field of use. The products offered for use through plastic pipe factories are both light and durable. It is resistant to conditions such as decay and corrosion. PVC drill pipes have a long service life and can be used for years. At the same time, it is easy to supply additional parts or materials in case of need.