PVC raw material is used when producing pipes. Accordingly, it is called PVC column pipes and offered for sale. Production operations are carried out in accordance with TS 11794 standards. It is made with a diameter ranging from Ø 140 to Ø 225 mm. At the same time, its length is generally 4 m. Its resistance to depth pressures is 100 and 300 m.

What are the Types of PVC Column Pipe?

There are different types of pipes. Depending on the area of use, the most suitable pipe model is preferred. There are two different models produced within the scope of plastic pipe manufacturer. These are divided into closed pipes and filtered PVC pipes. PVC column pipes These different product models in these different product models can vary according to the area of use.

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What are the Advantages of Pipes?

To prevent abrasive materials from entering the grooves, an O ring is placed in the threaded section. In this way, vibration is also prevented. Pipes produced by plastic pipe manufacturers are used with high efficiency. PVC column pipes also stand out with being healthy products.

PVC Pipes with Long Service Life

Although PVC pipes have many features, one of the most important features is their long service life. It should be noted that these pipes produced by plastic pipe factories do not have problems such as rusting and decay. It also has a durable structure. PVC column pipes can be used for many years without any problems within this scope.

pvc kolon borulariPVC Column Pipes 100% Tightness Guarantee 

Pipes are specially designed against leakage. It is very useful with 100% impermeability even at high pump pressure levels. PVC pipes offered for use through the plastic pipe factory do not leak out liquid and similar substances inside. The prices of the products vary according to the size, model and pressure strength to be preferred.